Internship Program

Thank you for your interest in interning at Healthworks Community Fitness! We welcome interns with diverse educational backgrounds from across  the country. Our unique organizational model offers dynamic and hands-on experiences at the crossroads of health education, fitness and community service. Based in Codman Square, we currently serve over 2,000 women and children in Dorchester and surrounding communities.

HCF is proud that the various health and wellness resources and opportunities we provide are grounded in the spirit of community service. As such, our Internship Program is structured to offer a comprehensive experience to students that includes the valuable areas of operations and member services, equipping them with skills they will need at any service-centered organization.

We also recognize the importance of students contributing to HCF and treat it as an opportunity for growth. We make every effort to integrate activities and tasks that allow interns to confidently contribute, learn and expand their knowledge. We believe a holistic internship experience is most rewarding.

If you are interested in interning at HCF, please contact Gibbs Saunders at

All of our internships are for college credit or experience only. We do not offer paid internships.