Healthworks Community Fitness is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving health and fitness, and to promoting well-being and empowerment for women and children.  If you share a passion for our mission there are several ways to get involved! 

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November 2018 Fundraiser
Every year, Healthworks Community Fitness asks for the support of Healthworks Group’s members, staff, vendors, and the larger community. This year, we are raising money to support our growing Physician Exercise Prescription Program. This program will help patients diagnosed with chronic diseases (type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity, asthma) manage their diagnosis with exercise. The funds raised will go towards subsidizing patients diagnosed with chronic diseases to participate and be recruited into existing programs at Healthworks Community Fitness.

Thank you in advance for the support! 

Guiltless Shopping Vendor Program

This unique program provides local businesses with valuable exposure and the opportunity to support thousands of women and children. We invite vendors to sell their products at for-profit Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women clubs, in conjunction with a donation of 20% of the day’s sales or $250, whichever is greater, to Healthworks Community Fitness. Your participation empowers us to continue serving our members!

Healthworks Community Fitness Careers & Advisory Board:
  Our team is small and we post positions here from time to time. We also have intermittent openings on our Advisory Board and welcome your inquiry and resume, which we will keep on file for future opportunities!

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