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Group Fitness Schedule


Class Descriptions:


Sassy Tone Up: Body strength and conditioning class designed to build lean muscle tissue, using modalities such as body weight, dumbbells and body bars.

Woman Be Fit: Everything you should be doing to improve your fitness – compound movements for strength, HIIT cardio and having a lot of fun. Great atmosphere. Community focus and smart exercises. Different exercises every week.

Team Training: Take your fitness abilities to a new level! Increase your endurance, strength and agility by completing 8 training stations consisting of conditioning drills, resistance training and intervals. Burn calories, build muscle and move closer towards your fitness goals.

Mind & Body

Yoga Breakdown: A great class for beginners and experienced students alike! You will learn how to do yoga for your body by taking a deeper dive into familiar poses using props and strengthening modifications.

Flow Yoga for All: A relaxing class that promotes stress reduction, flexibility, strength and balance.

Yoga-lates: A fusion of yoga and Pilates aimed at stretching, strengthening and toning. This class will help you increase your flexibility and balance.


HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training is a fun, active way to get your cardio and optimal fat burn through quick interval body weight exercises.

Body Attack: A high-energy mix of aerobics and sport movements to improve agility, coordination, strength and endurance. This class will improve your fitness at any level.

Cardio & Core Intervals: Get a full-body workout that is designed to increase your heart rate and strengthen your body. This interval-based class consists of timed rounds focused on cardio, strength and abdominal exercises, and may feature a variety of equipment including free weights, bands or body bars.

Warrior Boxing: This is a non-contact fitness-based class that will use boxing fundamentals such as punch combinations, mitt/bag work and high-intensity cardio intervals, as well as partner and technique work, for a great full-body workout. In between rounds, you’ll tackle toning exercises that keep your mind focused and your muscles challenged.

Total Body Conditioning & Cardio: A focus on upper and lower body control incorporating weights, resistant bands and body weight. Cardio portions include running indoors and outdoors, step and stair climbing and BOSU ball. Strengthen your heart and muscle mass, and lower your body fat!


Zumba: Workout that fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow dance moves to create a dynamic fitness program. The routines feature interval training sessions with faster and slower rhythms. Add some Latin flavor and other international zest to the mix and you’ve got Zumba!

Dance Hall Workout: A fun workout class that incorporates dance hall moves with cardio workout combinations. Participants not only learn dance moves, but each move helps shed unwanted weight. This class is meant for anyone who likes to dance, workout, sweat and have fun.

Cardio Line Dancing: A combination of social dancing and fitness while learning line dancing routines set to R&B and hip-hop songs. Have fun burning calories while boosting your metabolism.

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