Community Partners

Healthworks Community Fitness has long-standing partnerships with several other incredible organizations to address health and wellbeing holistically and effectively within our community.  Codman Square Health Center is dedicated to providing comprehensive, holistic, and integrated services and empowers individuals to lead healthy lives and build thriving communities.  They’ve been instrumental in establishing and supporting HCF.  We have partnered on many initiatives including a physician referral program that allows us to address chronic conditions with a prescription for diet and exercise.  

HCF is thrilled to share our location with The Daily Table, a nonprofit grocery store dedicated to interrupting the cycle of food waste and providing healthy, affordable food to underserved communities.  Thanks to Codman Square Health Center, we share a state of the art community teaching kitchen where we build the bridge between diet and exercise through a variety of cooking and nutrition classes.

Collaboration and Support



















The Healthworks Group is local, family owned, and has been serving members in the greater Boston area for over three decades.  Their mission is to be the leader in health and wellness by providing exceptional experiences through fitness, service and support throughout their clubs and the community.  The Healthworks Group includes Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women, Republic Fitness, GymIt, First Fitness Management, LLC, and Healthworks Community Fitness- their first non-profit endeavor.  

We extend a special thanks to members of Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women for their support of our mission and generous contributions.

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